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Daggerman2009 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
1) The earth is slowly spinning away from the sun at a constant speed per year. If the earth was millions (let alone billions) of years old, it would have been too close to the sun to support life. Second, a man named Charles Walcott found about 100 fossils of modern day animals in a lair of earth supposed to only contain simpler life forms. Third, a mine found petrified trees under ground sticking straight up. Petrification can be caused by water, along with certain minerals, filling the wood's pores and pressure increasing the temperature to about 44C (112F). This supports the Great Flood of the Old Testament.

2) We were made to be perfect, but because of our free will that God gave us, we chose imperfection. We were made TO BE perfect, but we defied that. Humans defined perfection as absolutely perfect with no chance of ever being flawed. I think the Bible defines it as starting perfect and staying perfect. Second, no, I am not at the mercy of blind faith. The dates and instances in the Bible match up, there's no way I could possibly think we came from a bunch of chimps, and there are personal events that happened to me that I cannot ignore. I was going threw a time where I couldn't believe in Him either. But, God is a very personal one and He Himself was showing me that He was watching. If anything, evolution is a blind faith. Charles Walcott, whom I mentioned earlier, hid the fossils in his basement so no one would know he was wrong. When he died, they were found, and still people blindly believe in it. And no, I don't expect you to come out and say "Jeese! You've been right all along!" from a conversation from a guy on the internet. But now you know what I think.
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